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My Inner Landscape

A prompt from Effy Wild:

What does my inner landscape look like these days? How does it compare with what’s happening in the world around me?

That’s a tougher question than I initially thought it would be. While my social life is not particularly active right now due to my BFF being away (see last post), my inner landscape is most definitely a busy place. There’s a lot on my mind these days.

Generally speaking, my inner landscape is rather peaceful these days, although it does have it’s shadowy places, let me tell you.

I spend a lot of time in my own head, and a lot of it is spent connecting to my ancestors, both distant and recent. I was at home the other night and a song came on (which for the life of me I cannot remember now) and I swear I felt my mother in the room, looking over my shoulder. I couldn’t sense what her message for me was, beyond just asserting her presence, but it felt good. I felt happy.

But I am also trying to connect to my indigenous heritage. I don’t know why I always focus on this part of me and not the Irish/British parts, but there’s something slightly more inviting about a still living culture that practices spirituality in a way that speaks to me. In a way that feels like home.

But of course there is only so much of that I can do alone, on my own. At some point I will I will need to make some actual people connections. But for now I can be a class of one, I’m ok with that.

So, most of my inner landscape smells like burning sage. And it has scattered art supplies everywhere and a constant stream of art videos from youtube and skillshare.

I love making art. It’s what I do with almost all of my downtime. And while I’m not super great at it, if you look at my paintings from two years ago vs today, there has been a marked improvement. Not everywhere, across all things, but the improvement is there. It makes me very glad I started photographing everything because now I have a whole facebook album that shows my progression!

I really need to make sure I back that album up somewhere…..

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