Who By Fire

Ever since the pandemic started, my sleep schedule has been super bizarre. I’m almost always up around 4:00 a.m. Without fail. Whereas before the pandemic, I’d be hard pressed to make it to work on time because I had to sleep until the very last acceptable second. It is, if you’ll excuse the terrible choice of words, like night and day.

The thing is, it is not necessarily attributable to the pandemic itself. I also quit drinking to a large degree at the same time, and not coincidentally, started smoking more Sativa, so who the hell knows why its happening. But it is weird to have so many hours in a day.

Which is not to say I’m more productive, lets not kid ourselves here.

But I have more energy and I’ve also managed to lose 30 pounds, so it’s certainly not a bad thing. Just so, so odd.

So as mentioned, J and I are sort of talking again. It’s like starting from scratch because although we’re not lying to each other, neither are we sharing things with each other. We’re talking around things. There is still much resentment there on my part, so I suppose its a good thing we can’t get together because I need more time, even though more time was her idea.

But man, as she mentioned to me the other day, we can’t seem to ever fully stop speaking to one another. Ever. There is always something one of us has to say, even if its bitchy bullshit. Or a cautiously sent emoji of a turtle. We simply cannot stop talking. So good thing this pandemic is forcing some space onto us.

New job soon. No letter of offer yet. Yay government! So we’ll see if my start day comes and goes without me.

It’s….4:22 a.m. and I am making a spotify playlist based on the relationship between two fictional characters. If that is not a commentary on my life, I’m not sure what is.


40 something woman, living life in Canada's Capital. Writing, or trying to.

6 thoughts on “Who By Fire

  1. Well good morning! I’ve been waking around 4:30 a.m. myself… Nothing to do with the pandemic — I’m just weird. Weird is good… LOL Sending loads of good juju for you and J in whatever manner you need the good juju.

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  2. Good Morning! Thank you SO MUCH for that cover of Who By Fire. I am *swooning*.

    Sleep stuff. Yeah. I sleep in way more than I ever did before so we’re playing the opposite game over here. xo

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