This Should Be Fun

I won’t lie, I’ve had a wee bit of a joint at this very early point of the long weekend. So this may be a very short entry.

Today was actually quite a good day. I didn’t have any urges to text her, so that was nice. I wrote a very tiny snippet of a story with two of my favourite characters who are ridiculously cute together. I ordered in terribly unhealthy fast food (sitting in my fridge right now is a *huge* garlic potato poutine, (putting together two of Ottawa’s signature foods, Shawarma and Poutine), which future me will thank me for when I inevitably get the munchies.

Here. Have another song:

Cheers all.


40 something woman, living life in Canada's Capital. Writing, or trying to.

9 thoughts on “This Should Be Fun

  1. Now i want to rewatch Brokeback Mountain. I also didn’t know you could imbed/import songs from spotify. I’ll have to look into that. Enjoy your poutine–it sounds delicious. Yay on no urges to text! 🙂


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