Someday These Will Be The Good Old Days

This is now.

I feel like somehow I’ve hit the afternoon or autumn of my life. It’s not a bad thing. The light in the afternoon, and the light of autumn, are both a special kind of light, one that is beautiful and less jarring than that of high noon or summer.

I’m starting to get comfortable here.

A (wise) friend of mine recently said something along the lines of “I think we spend the first half of our life gathering, and the second half ungathering.”

I think that makes perfect sense for where I am right now. Ungathering. Cleaning my inner house, so to speak. Yes, that means getting rid of things that no longer serve you (oh if only it were that easy!), but that allows you to focus more on and appreciate more all that is left.

I’ve lost a lot in my life.

I like that now I get to choose. And it’s not a loss any longer. Not when I choose it.

When I choose it it becomes a cleansing.


40 something woman, living life in Canada's Capital. Writing, or trying to.

10 thoughts on “Someday These Will Be The Good Old Days

  1. Every bit of this is gorgeous. I love the imagery of being in the autumn or afternoon of life. And I love that idea of getting to choose. Thanks for this!


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