Oh my god I have nothing good to say guys.

I walked for 5.5 kms yesterday. That was good, but today I am full of OW.

Life is settling into this new normal. You know. The one where I *don’t* text someone from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. The one where I communicate a normal amount with the people in my life.

But I miss my friend. If she ever existed. Sigh.

I’m currently arting in 4 different sketchbooks, all four are what I imagine to be 5×7 or some such. They are small. And half of them aren’t meant to be painted in.

But that’s the best kind.


40 something woman, living life in Canada's Capital. Writing, or trying to.

7 thoughts on “Croire

  1. I too have journals that aren’t fab to paint in.
    It helps me play, and feel less precious about whatever. Sorry you are going through all this. You could text me sometimes. I’d like it.


  2. Letting go is hard. It hurts and comes in waves I’ve found. In the end you’ll be better for it – I didn’t always believe that, but as I’ve gotten older I realize how true it is. Be free!


  3. Beautiful. I think there’s something feeing about using journals that aren’t meant to be painted in. It helps to stop being too precious about stuff.


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