Repeating Patterns

You ignore me when you’re mad, that is your MO, always has been. Complete silent treatment even when I beg.
Even when I beg.

My anger my be abusive, but your behaviour is cruel.

And it triggers the fuck out of me. My mom’s husband would give her the silent treatments for days and she hated it. She would beg and cry and he would keep ignoring her. She would threaten suicide, and he would ignore her.

You do the exact same thing to me.

I only just realized. I hated him for what he did to my mother. And I was angry that she accepted it and let herself be treated that way.

And here I am repeating that pattern with you.

Fuck that noise. And fuck you for thinking you’re so perfect.


40 something woman, living life in Canada's Capital. Writing, or trying to.

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